Sunday, May 29, 2005

Feeling fear

Hi again,

I hope you are ok
Sorry for late to write a post for you.

Before 5 days in the morning we heard a voice of some shots in our liver, after that the American soldiers came to our liver at 12:30 afternoon, they were searching for some arms in the houses, I and my two sisters were alone in the house because daddy and mammy were in their jobs, so we were very scare, they began to search in the neighboring house, and our neighbor he is good man he came with us and stand in front of our garage , he was waiting the American soldiers to enter our house with them and not leave us alone with the , really he is very good man , but they didn't came to our house , we pray and ask Allah for not they enter our house while our parents not with us .

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Last Week

Hi every body. I'm sorry for late to write to you at least for this week then I decided to write this subject.
Last week a competition was held in my school organized by English lesson teachers, I wrote a short letter about my future. I manage my self to participate with my section in this competition but unfortunately my colleges were absent that day so we lost the challenge and I feel very sad that we couldn't win. And I feel also sad for I lost a chance to announce for my aims and the meaning of my future.
Other subjects wrote by my friends were seams to be beautiful and clarify the characters of their writers. The subject that win the price was " Dolma " it describes the kind of moselian popular foods the subject also describes the contains and how to cook it .

This is my short letter

My Future

Every one in our life has a desire what to be in the future someone wish to be a teacher another want to be an engineer but I made my mind to be a doctor in order to represent the medical treatment for the sick people and especially children because I feel sad when I see small child crying ad suffering from pains. Beside that I wish I could minimize the suffering of the parents from their children illness. More over I feel so sad when I see old persons suffering from their pains and loneness, and I will work hard to make them feel cool.
Besides all of that I feel that I will be as I'm when I will be a doctor and I hope I could put parent's wishes in a real when I will be because they try to be but not succeeded ad I wish I could do it.
For that reason I do well through in my studying period and I manage do to gains good marks in order pass years and years to make the dreams a fact.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Welcome in my web

How are you ?
I hope you feeling good.
It is the first time that I write in a personal web and I hope you love all my subjects ....
When I see my two friends maas and hnk have a blog I have the courage to start the blog
and I see it is very nice to tell you some news about me and my friends.